alien righteousness

Michael Horton Mic Drops (8)

“We will never know God’s secret plan until it happens. I will never know from the facts of my life how it was; that terrible thing that happened in the past. But I know that he works everything out for good. How do I know this? Because of what happened at Calvary and at Easter.  I am convinced that He will bring good out of bad because He has done that objectively in the cross and resurrection.”

“As Theodore Beza expressed it, ‘permission’ is appropriate if what is meant is that ‘God does not act in evil, but give them up to Satan and their own lusts.’ God does not act in and with evil but over and against it. ‘God therefore properly does not will sin to be done, but only wills to permit it (Beza).’ In the words of Augustine, ‘God knew that it pertained more to his mostly almighty goodness, even to bring good out of evil, than not to permit evil to be.’ God therefore can be considered neither the author of evil not the passive spectator of evil. He only actively determines to permit evils that he has already, at great personal cost, determined to overcome for his greater glory and our ultimate good.” – Michael Horton in the Christian Faith, 358-359.


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