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South Korea’s Suicide Rescue Team – VICE (May 2016)

South Korea Suicide Stats
“…Korea has had the highest rate among all OECD nations for eight straight years. In 2011, the National Statistic Service reported that 15,906 people committed suicide in a year. That’s about 1,000 people taking their own life every month. That’s the equivalent of 43 people every day, or one person every 34 minutes.”

Teens and Suicide
““Korea has the highest teen suicide rate among the OECD countries. Living in a competitive society, results in severe academic stress.”

Seniors and Suicide
“Seniors are committing up to three times more suicides than the younger population. The suicide rate of seniors above the age of 75 and 80 is rapidly increasing. This is because family trends are shifting, from having a big family to forming a small nuclear family. Old people are not properly cared for financially by their families, and they can become lonely and sick. These factors increase suicides among seniors.”

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