alien righteousness

Summary Notes of “Portrait of Calvin” by T.H.L. Parker

Calvin (1509-1564)

1st Tenure @ Geneva from 1536-1538

2nd Tenure @ Geneva from 1541-1564


Firmness in the right

Deep Earnestness

Single-minded desire to glorify God through building and maintaining a Biblical church.

Tremendous learning and knowledge of Scripture

Faithful servant of Christ

Diligent worker

Keen insight into Scripture

Strong on sound doctrine

Weak, physically and temperamentally

Sensitive, genuine, kind, loving under a front of sternness

Reserved – a gentleman in every way

Brilliant systematizer of Christian doctrine

Faithful steward of the riches of God’s word, in the preaching ministry

Brilliant writer (Latin)

Humble before God and before mankind

Powerful preacher

Faithful pastor of a flock

Faithful to the call of God

Aware of the greatness of God – He “feared” God!

Disciplined toward the distasteful (Geneva)

A quiet man, yet driven by conviction to enforce the “right” at any cost – this constant tension brought him much personal pain


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