alien righteousness

1 Corinthians 15.12-19 – Zach Keele

“See, if Christianity does anything to our lives it only makes it harder or more difficult. Consider what being united to Christ does not do: Christ grace does not make us richer. Doesn’t make us immune to cancer. Christ doesn’t turn on all the lights green for us when we drive. Doesn’t lower our taxes or doesn’t make everything fun and pleasurable. This is hardly the case. If anything, it is unbelievers who have these in a greater abundance. For to be successful in business you don’t need Scripture, Christ or the Gospel; all you need is the light of nature and wisdom. See the Gospel is not given to us to make us more prosperous or healthy in this life. Indeed, what does being joined to Christ do for us presently? It awakens our conscience. It makes us deeply aware of our sin and misery. Christ moves us to a daily struggle with sin. The Spirit works in us to restrain our sinful desires. To pull back from excess, to seek God’s will over our own. Now, this is not found in unbelievers. They suppress all of this in unrighteousness. Denying themselves to follow Christ is not a part of their lives. But, for us in Christ our life is a picking up of a cross. The struggle within us between the old man and the new man is tiresome, it’s difficult; nothing is more arduous, trying to mortify the old man of sin for there is a piece of us that must go with that old man; that’s not easy to let go of.”

-Zach Keele, sermon on 1 Corinthians 15.12-19

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