alien righteousness

R.C. Sproul – Law and Gospel

“…the relationship between law and gospel. The great value of the law, as I see it Mike, is it comes from the character of God and is a mirror to us of the divine character.

And when we look at ourselves by looking in the mirror of the law of God it’s pretty hard to deny what we’re seeing there. But we won’t really come to grips for our need for grace and our hopeless condition in sin until we see who God is until we understand what holiness really looks like.

But if we judge ourselves by looking around ourselves and compare ourselves with each other then we don’t exercise any real great concern about our depravity.

It is only against the backdrop of the true standard that we become aware of how desperate we need God’s grace.” -R.C. Sproul

Taken from the White Horse Inn’s discussion titled “Christianity: A Faith Founded On Facts” with R.C. Sproul on the New Pelagianism.

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