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Why Learn the Biblical Languages? – Dr. Estelle

For those learning the Biblical languages, here’s a good reminder as to why.

Some of the points from Estelle are paraphrased and/or written in verbatim:

  • The Biblical languages are vital for professors and the students because when the classroom is engaging with the Biblical languages the scholarship goes up where everyone is on the same elevated page.
  • When you are engaged with the languages you pick up things that you wouldn’t otherwise. Not to say that engaging with the Biblical languages are like magic tea leaves, but studying the original languages enables you to have a conversation with somebody thousands of years ago. You cannot have a robust a conversation unless you understand the languages in which they were speaking or in this case, with the languages the Scriptures were written.
  • Knowing the authorial intent and precision.
  • Going back to the sources which the Reformation recaptured and bequeathed to the Church allows believers and especially trained ministers to go back and to deal with the primary sources in such a way where the Scriptures could come alive, and it could prevent mistakes from occurring.
  • Not only are memorizing the paradigms and vocabulary important, but learning how the language works, learning the linguistics and philology are also crucially important. This will save us from mistakes. We want to learn how languages work and how to communicate so that it could save us from mistakes.
  • It is about care of the Scriptures giving tremendous attention and consideration to the Scriptures to what God has said to us.
  • We have a high view of the languages, this should correlate with having a high view of the office of the minister.
  • We want ministers who have engaged the original languages who can subject the arguments and present it with the secondary material to rigorous analysis and having studied the original languages helps you do that.

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