alien righteousness

the Pursuit of Holiness

“I therefore want to address this question, what role, what part if you would like, does justification play in sanctification? And answer it on the following lines: the realization that one is pardoned of all ones sins, accepted by God through Christ’s righteousness without any works of any kind of one’s own, motivates and supports one in doing the will of God as nothing else does.

In other words, what I am saying is this, that when we think of the pursuit of holiness there are several considerations that we ought to call to mind in which what ought to impact our pursuit of it, but none, not one of them nor all of them together can be compared to the affect of justification by grace through faith in Christ. That’s what drives the engine.”

–Hywel R. Jones

The lecture is titled Justification and Sanctification delivered in 2004, the whole lecture is found here.  

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