alien righteousness

A Snippet from Warfield on the Christian Life by Zaspel

“We have seen that the Christian life is grounded in the redemptive work of Christ, which issues in a transformation of the believer himself. Initially there is a radical break of sin. We were bound in sin and bound therefore to live for sin. But liberating us from sin’s grip, Christ has freed us to live unto God. He has cleansed us and reshaped our affections. Simply, he has put it in our hearts to live for him. It is not rescue from hell alone that he has accomplished for us. He has saved us from sin itself. He has so renovated our being and transformed our appetites that we now find ourselves pursuing a new goal–falteringly, yes, but a new goal and a new ambition nonetheless. Living to please God is now the drive that animates us.” (183)

Taken from Fred G. Zaspel’s Warfield on the Christian Life: Living Life in Light of the Gospel

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