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Covenant concept…a thread that wove together the entire message of Scripture

“The term “covenant” appears in the Bible nearly 300 times, most often to denote special relationships that God entered into with his people in the course of biblical history. Christian theologians recognized the importance of this concept in Scripture already in patristic and medieval times, but it was only in sixteeth- and seventeenth- century Reformed Protestantism that the covenant concept came to be viewed as a thread that wove together the entire message of Scripture. Continental Reformed as well as English and New England Puritan theologians developed what came to be called covenant or federal (from foedus, the Latin word for “covenant”) theology, a systematic ordering of biblical teaching according to the various covenantal arrangements between God and humanity mentioned in Scripture. Covenant thinking became a fundamental part of the early Reformed and Puritan worldview and has remained a distincitive feature of the Reformed interpretation of Scripture ever since.” (11)

Taken from The Covenant Theology of Casper Olevianus by Lyle D. Bierma

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