alien righteousness

Often Accidental

This book explores a different side of Calvinism’s global footprint. Instead of examining Calvinism’s emergence as a model for humanitarianism or fuel for modernization, the ensuing narrative follows an expression of western Christianity that emerged in marginal cities in central Europe, gradually establishing a presence throughout Europe and eventually around the world. This story features less Calvinism’s role in the forces of globalization than the unlikely ways by which it became a global faith. As many observers have noted, Reformed Protestantism did indeed circumnavigate the planet. It did so not by underwriting the political and economical forces of the modern West or by preaching humanitarian ideals, but through the ordinary — and often accidental — efforts of average pastors and lay people.

Taken from D.G. Hart’s “Calvinism: a History” (pg xii), 2013.

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