alien righteousness

Not an Intellectual Game

“Calvin also shared with Reformers like Luther and Bucer a deep conviction that sound doctrine is the soul of piety, not an intellectual game. He described the dogma of implicit faith (assenting to whatever the church teaches) as ignorance disguised as humility. Surely faith requires knowledge. Nevertheless, faith is supremely trust in a person–namely Christ as he is clothed in his gospel. This Word of God captures our whole person, not just our mind or will or affections. In fact, ‘true faith consists more in living experience than in high-flown speculations that flit about in the brain.’ ‘I have censured the curiosity of those who would agitate questions which are truly nothing else than mere tortures to the intellect,’ he said. Theology is not abstract theory, but the most practical knowledge of all.”

-Horton, Calvin on the Christian Life (37)

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