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Nowhere are warnings against shoddy synthesis more important than when the Bible addresses themes that frankly invoke mystery. We are not going to understand everything about God; if we could we would be God, and even the assumption that we have such a right betrays our lostness, our wretched self-focus. God is more interested in our loving and trusting obedience and adoration than in our I.Q.s. –D.A. Carson

Taken from Collected Writings on Scripture, page 51.

D.A. Carson is right here. Carson I believe is talking about how Christianity deals with both the head and the heart. And also he talks about archtypal and echtypal theology dealing with the theology of Glory versus the theology of the Cross.

On the same thread of thought; we are not justified by the precision of our doctrine of justification, but we are justified through faith by grace because of Christ finished work alone for the sinner.

Faith, in fact, was given to us as a gift.  The Holy Spirit works faith into hearts as the Gospel is being preached.

The Christian can now obey in light of the Gospel and in gratitude for what God has done.

Remember it is not how smart one is that justifies us, we are justified because of Christ finished work for us which we recieve through faith, so no one shall boast.

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