alien righteousness

What Christ Did and Suffered For Our Salvation

Taken from the Institutes if the Christian Religion: 1541 French Edition, The First English Edition, John Calvin (translated by Elsie Anne McKee)

Now this is the true knowledge if Christ, when we accept Him the way He offered to us by the Father, that is, with the whole fullness of the heavenly riches, so that He may be a treasure of happiness for us and of all good things (Jn. 1[16]). However, to enter into possession of His riches we must first know the way by which He demonstrated in doing and fulfilling all that was necessary for our salvation according to the eternal counsel of God. That is why, as the gospel is the goal of our faith and Christ is identified by the gospel as it’s special goal so in focusing on Christ the central consideration of the gospel is what He did and suffered for our salvation (197).


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