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Daniel Hyde Interview on Welcome to a Reformed Church

Here is part of an interview with Daniel Hyde on his book titled Welcome to a Reformed Church.  Q and A number five in regards to the importance of the doctrine of Justification  through Faith Alone by Grace in Christ alone.  For the rest of the interview go here.

5. At the end of your chapter titled, “Justification: Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone” you state, “This is a story we must hear and learn over and over again” (p. 86). Could you please expand on this statement?

The gospel is for sinners. Christians are sinners. I trust readers can make the conclusion. It’s always fascinating to listen to what’s being preached in churches. In many, the gospel is assumed to be believed so it’s on to the more important matters of practical Christian living: being a good mom, caring for your finances as God wants you, etc. In others, everyone is assumed to be an unbeliever so the constant refrain of God’s love and the necessity to come forward in an altar call is heard. In others, preaching becomes a doctrinal lecture. Well, I find Paul so fascinating in this discussion. He desired to preach Christ and him crucified, he wrote of justification over and over again, and he used that doctrine as a source of comfort and ground for the Christian life.

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