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Carl Trueman – Martin Luther (The Reformer) Lectures

A snippet from lecture number one:

Church history is crucially important, and I  don’t  just say that because I need to make a  living and that it’s the only skill I have, though that is undoubtly true.  I say it also because we’re all heirs of history.  If you’re not Roman Catholic here tonight than you are to some extent the heir of  Martin Luther.  The reason why your not a Roman Catholic, but you’re a United Methodist or a Pentacostal or a Baptist or a Presbyterian; if  you  trace back  your  theological, intellectual, ecclesciastical genealogy far enough you’ll come to the figure of Martin Luther.  So love him or hate him, it’s helpful to know something about him in order to understand why you’re the person you are.

-Carl Trueman on the first lecture titled The Road to Reformation  

Carl Trueman’s  lectures on Martin Luther available for free here.

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