alien righteousness

Galatians – John Brown (not the Brown of Haddington) some words on Chapter 3

Part of a commentary on Galatians chapter 3.

Are there not thousands and tens of thousands among us who are flattering themselves that they are Christians, merely because they were born in a Christian land and baptised in the name of Jesus? Are there not countless multitudes who, without any reference whatever to the Savior’s atonement, on the ground of their comparative innocence or excellence, or of their repentance and reformation, or of their alms and their prayers, are expecting to obtain a share in the felicities of heaven? And are there not countless multitudes more who, while they profess to depend on what the Savior has done and suffered, look on his merits merely as an ample store out of which is to be supplied the deficiency in their own deserts–relying on a little on the Savior, but principally on themselves? Indeed, are not by far the greater part of those who name the name of Jesus obviously ignorant and unbelieving respecting the very elementary principle of his religion that “eternal life is the gift of God,” and that men are “justified freely by God’s grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus”? Are not the great majority even of those who appear to be religious, going about to establish their own method of justification. They will do anything and everything rather than credit God’s testimony concerning His son, rely entirely on his finished work, and humbly heartily accept of a full and free salvation. (pg 167)

Brown, John. An Exposition of The Epistle of Paul The Apostle to The Galatians. Great Britain: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2001. Previously published by William Oliphant & Sons, Edinburgh, 1853.

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