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Some Good Insight From the Prince of Preachers

Abraham’s world was exactly like our world.  Things like planes and cars, of course, do not matter at all.  They are mere incidentals.  That is not life.  Life was exactly the same for Abraham and his contemporaries as it is for us.  The tragedy is that many people, because of the superficial and unimportant differences, imagine that life itself is different today.  People think it is monstrous to say that life now is identical to life in the time of Abraham.  They say that cannot be because Abraham did not have a car, he could not fly in a plane, he did not know about splitting of the atom.  But what is life? The moment you answer that question, you discover that there is no change at all.

The only difference between the age of Abraham and today is the rate at which we do the things they did.  What did people do in the time of Abraham?  They ate and they drank.  They made love and they made war.  The only difference is that they traveled on foot or camel instead of by car and plane.  The unutterable superficiality of this age to which you and I belong is that because we rush about in semi-lunatic manner, we say how superior we are, how different.

Read the story of Abraham, and you will see modern life there.  You will see how other people coveted his wife and all the troubles to which that led.  That is still happening today.  There is no difference.  We have the same circumstances, the same world, the same difficulties.

The Gospel In Genesis: From Fig Leaves to Faith, Martin Lloyd-Jones in the sermon titled ”Abraham:  The Life of Faith”  preaching on Genesis 12:1-4 page 148

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