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On Genesis 2 and 3 – Hywel R. Jones

Westminster Seminary California (Wscal) provides audios of Hywel R. Jone’s chapel devotions delivered at Wscal.  At the end of this post, I put the links to the sermons in the order as they were preached.   Also, Scott Clark blogs a good word on this chapel series here.

Hywel R. Jones is a professor at the seminary.  He was Martyn Lloyd-Jones (the prince of preachers) right hand man. According to the Wscal bio of Hywel Jones, “he [Hywel Jones] was co-chairman of the Westminster Fellowship of Ministers succeeding Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.”

Speaking of Llyod-Jones and the book of Genesis, Crossway recently came out with Martyn Lloyd Jones “never-before-published” book of sermons on Genesis.  It’s available at your library/bookstore.  I was looking through the internet bookstores and found it on Amazon or at the Monergism online bookstore.

Lloyd Jones in the beginning of a sermon on Genesis 3:9 speaks of the great importance of Genesis chapter 3:

And the Lord God Called unto Abram, and said unto him, Where art thou? Genesis 3:9

“Before we can possibly understand the meaning of that statement in verse 9, we must look again at the great context.  Genesis 3, let me remind you, is one of the most important chapters in the whole Bible because here we have a history of the world and at the same time all the main outlines of salvation.  This one chapter summarizes it all for us.

There is a pathetic and ridiculous attitude on the part of so many–an attitude based on nothing but sheer ignorance–that somehow or other the Bible, while a very interesting old book, has nothing to do with the modern world.  But it is the very essence of preaching to deal with modern life because the Bible really is concerned about that.  It is a timeless book because it is a book about life, a book about the soul.  It is a book from God, giving us a view of ourselves and of all others, revealing the causes of our troubles and showing us the sheer waste of energy, apart from anything else, that is involved in trying to solve our problems in any other way except that which is offered to us so freely in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Taken from The Gospel in Genesis: From Figs Leaves to Faith. From the sermon “Where Art Thou: Genesis 3:9,” page 61.

Here are the chapel series preached at Westminster Seminary California  in order:

Fall 2008 Wscal Morning Devotions by Hywel R. Jones on Genesis 2 and 3

Genesis 3; Romans 5:12-21 (September 9) here

Genesis 3:1 (September 23) here

Genesis 2:8-17 (October 7) here

Genesis 2:18 (October 21) here

Genesis 2:8-3:6 (November 18) here

Genesis 3:6 (December 2nd) here

Spring 2009 Wscal Morning Devotions by Hywel R. Jones on Genesis 3

Genesis 3:1-8 (February 17) here

Genesis 3:8-13 (March 3) here

Genesis 3:14-15 (March 17) here

Genesis 3:14-15 (March 31) here

Genesis 3:16-19 (April 28) here

Genesis 3:21-24 (May 14) here

By going to this website here you could browse through the past and current devotions given at Wscal by the faculty and company.

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