alien righteousness

An IA Repost, Good stuff.

Thought I post this again.  Something to chew on and digest.
We might reflect on the subsequent difference between the two kingdoms: the civil kingdom is indeed a place where judgment is constantly being rendered.  This is obviously true of the state and its system of justice, but it is also true of the many other cultural activities and institutions that the civil kingdom encompasses.  The products of labor are judged in the market place, the quality of art, music, and literature are judged by the critics, the accuracy of scientific discovery and scholarship is judged by peer review, athletic ability is judged by referees, opponents and the contour of the green.  There are winners and losers, rich and poor, those who succeed and those who fail, but such is not the way of the Church of Jesus Christ.  The church makes no distinction between winner and loser, success and failure, rich and poor. Seen in the light of Christ we are all losers, failures, and poor in ourselves and winners and successes and rich beyond compare by faith in Him.  We accept one another, we encourage one another, we forgive one another, but we do not stand in judgment upon the works of each other or pay back wrong for wrong.  Neither does the church seek to defend itself from outside intruders by the force of arms; truly this is a community in which mercy triumphs over judgment.
David VanDrunen in the Inauguration lecture this year at Westminster Seminary.

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