alien righteousness

A Great Quote from “Good News For Losers.”

“God helps those who help themselves.” The emphasis on divine rescue has to be watered down to divine assistance. And I tell you it will make a lot of difference perhaps not today, especially those of you who are younger, maybe some of you have not yet had anything but your hamster die, and that was a crisis, really, but you are going to face a lot more, and you may be sitting here thinking it does not matter that much what you believe about God. Who cares the sick soul religion or the healthy minded religion. It will matter right now which religion you embrace down the line when you face those trials and those circumstances, whether you are tossed back and forth with every blow of life circumstances, or whether you are an oak tree rooted by the streams of living water even when life blows really hard at you. The religion of the healthy minded is pervasive in our time, and it’s pervasive in the pagan West all the way back to the time when the apostle Paul said, “the Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing.” The Greeks are looking for wisdom for living: how could I be happier, healthier, wiser, how could I get further in life, what’s the best root to my own personal happiness? And the Gospel answers the question: how can I be accepted before a Holy God? And it answers it by saying, this Jew over here who was cursed by God in your place, so that you would not be cursed and He was raised on the third day for your Justification. He is your hope, He is your righteousness, He is your wisdom, He is your sanctification, He is your life. The Greeks said the same thing that Nietzsche said: Christianity is a slave morality, Christianity is for the weak, for the hopeless, you don’t put one of our criminals on a cross, and worship Him. What a weird religion that is when you think about it. The irony is that the religion of Nietzsche’s superman, which the 16th century Reformation dubbed as a theology of Glory when the medievals tried to pull it off, is its own kind of slave morality. It makes the weak subservient to the powerful, it makes the consumers subservient to those who can manipulate the market. It makes the common person the servant of the genius, and all of this is easily supported by a church that depends on the market place for its own power stake in popular culture. Again, this is not to advocate pessimism because of God’s common grace, all spheres of human endeavor are not as bad as they could be, we are not as badly off as we could be, however, a religion of healthy mindedness which ignores the reality of the Fall in all of its aspects renders itself finally nothing more than a form of therapy in times of plenty, and absolutely irrelevant in times of tragedy. There is no answer. People who have the religion of healthy mindedness move in times of tragedy very quickly and very easily to atheism, there is just nothing holding them down. See, what we need is not therapy, but newsGood News, because a radical problem needs a radical solution. Not for us to be reformed or improved, but for us to be slain by the law and raised up by the Gospel.” 

Dr.Michael S. Horton 2004 Faith & Life Conference in a lecture (46 minutes) titled “Good News For Losers.” 



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