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Raised for Our Justification at Johannes Weslianus

Full Blog Post Here.

“This can be explained by a familiar comparison. The death of Jesus Christ is the payment of our debt. His resurrection is the receipt. Does a receipt add more to the payment? No. It presupposes it as made and accomplished. What does it do, then? It certifies the payment, attests to it, and convinces everyone of the payment. It shuts the mouth of those who would like to contest it.

It is the same with the resurrection of the Savior. It does not add any merit or any satisfactory virtue to His death. But it’s an authentic document that powerfully attests that God has received the payment of our Surety, that He has agreed to it, that He is content with it, that we should not fear the investigations of His justice or the condemnations of His tribunal. And if the devil or our consciences present our sins again to us, this admirable receipt shuts their mouths and forces them to be silent.

This is just like what we say with a receipt of payment. It releases a debtor, although it is not itself the payment of the debt. In the same way, Paul is right to say that Christ was raised for our justification, for the remission of our sins, although this is not what obtained the pardon.”

(HT: Heidelblog)

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