alien righteousness

The Shocking Message of Romans 4:5

“The shocking message of Romans 4:5 is that God counts as righteous those who are unrighteous.  He calls “godly” those who are ungodly.  God justifies the wicked.  But who are the wicked?  The blue state Democrat?  The gay person?  The abortionist or pornographer?  The mind reels as we try to comprehend the radical nature of God’s good news message.  Most Christians, however, are stunned to realize that they, too, are among the mass of sinful humanity who must be justified freely by God’s grace.  For, though we may confess that we, too, at one time, were among the ungodly (especially if we have an exciting testimony!), we now function as if our own inherent righteousness, or sanctification, is what keeps us right in God’s eyes.  Far too many Christians, even those in Reformation churches, have forgotten the dual reality that the German reformer Martin Luther articulated in his famous dictum that we are, at the same time, both justified and sinful, both sinner and saint.” -Eric Landry pastor of the Christ PCA in Murrieta, California. From the Modern Reformation Magazine here.

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