alien righteousness

Francis Turretin’s Preface to the Reader

Part of Turretin’s concluding remarks:

I do not expect or ask for any praise in the future from my little work, but I will consider my labor to be well satisfying if you soberly and favorably regard that this work of mine, such as it is, renders service to the church of God.  If any fruit is returned from hence, it will come through divine blessing for illumination of the truth and edification of the saints.  But if this main portion of my labor be neither unhelpful for you nor clearly useless–which I alone have reluctantly brought into the light–were I to perceive this to be the case, I would proceed to another part more eagerly and act with aid of a good God if he would see fit to bestow to me strength and life and that I might more swiftly deliver the faith once given.

Meanwhile, since I am a man (and I do not suppose that I am free from any human limitations), if anything would be said by me here that would correspond little with Scripture united with the rule of our faith, not only do I want it to be unsaid, but even to be stricken out.

You then, dear reader, when you kindly express appreciation and are lenient toward my errors: “If you know something better than these precepts, pass it on, my good fellow. If not, join me in following these” (Horace, Epistles 1.6.67-68) [Loeb, 290-91]).

May the God of truth and of peace cause us to walk always in truth and charity; may we grow every day in him who is the head, until we all arrive at the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, perfected in power and to the measure of the maturity of Christ Amen.  

Francis Turretin, translated by George Musgrave Giger, edited by James T. Dennison, Jr.  Institutes of Elentic Theology (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 1992), xlii.



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