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Book Talk: How to Mark a Book by Mortimer J. Adler & Berkhof’s Systematic Theology

How to Mark a Book The essay below is convincing and helpful to those who are afraid to mark and write in their books. The essay is found here.

(A Hat Tip to Clark’s Ancient church syllabus)

Berkhof’s Systematic Theology: Been reading through Berkhof’s Systematic Theology and I’m almost done! Yay and nay because I’m going to miss reading through it, as corny as that may sound. Learned a lot from it, for instance that distinctions are important and crucial in theology; Berkhof does this very well. His ST is very sharp. One could use it as a theological cook book, but I think it’s best read straight through first. Because, agreeing with Josh, every section/chapter is interconnected to each other and has a strong flow to it that the reader could benefit from. This book here is one to own, mark and write in. Read on partner, read on!

This work is also available in Spanish. One could purchase that version either online or at the Evangelical Bible Bookstore in North Park, San Diego.


3 Responses to “Book Talk: How to Mark a Book by Mortimer J. Adler & Berkhof’s Systematic Theology”

  1. Ken Dzugan

    If your enjoyed Dr. Adler’s article, “How to Mark a Book” you may want to read his book, “How to Read a Book” from which his article was taken.

    Here is my experience with the book. I had been a voracious reader all my life. I never thought that I needed to know anything more about how to read. However 1990 I read about a book by someone named Mortimer Adler whom I had never heard of. The title of the book was “How to Read a Book.” Even though I thought I knew everything about how to read I became intrigued by the title. I finally bought the book. I read it and then I read it again, and again, and again. Over the course of several years Dr. Adler dramatically changed what I read, how I read, and why I read. I used to read predominantly to be entertained. Now I read to learn. Using what Dr. Adler taught me, I now get in order of magnitude more out of books that I ever did before.

    Dr. Adler was an educator, philosopher, lecturer, and author with a prodigious output of over 50 books and more than 200 articles.

    For more information on Mortimer Adler and his work, visit, The Center for the Study of The Great Ideas.

    Ken Dzugan
    Senior Fellow and Archivist
    The Center for the Study of The Great Ideas

  2. Johnny B

    How to Read a Book, is also, recommended in, How to Read the Bible for it’s Worth.


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